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Arrakis ARC-10

The ARC-10 series of radio consoles are general purpose consoles that meet the needs for most On Air Radio & Radio Production studio applications.

Performance you can feel.

With the ARC-10 series console, you get a console that takes less time to setup, easier to maintain, and

features that match consoles that are double its price. All the power, none of the regrets.



10 Channels. Analog Console. Affordable & Powerful. (STANDARD WITH ALL MODELS, unless otherwise noted)

  • 10 Channels - with 10 channels you can connect all the essentials. 6 Line In inputs allows you to connect to CD players, mp3 players and other analog sources.
  • Mic Channels - 2 mic channels with optional 48V phantom power. The channel Two mic can also be remoted to a separate announce booth if desired.
  • Real VU Meters - stylish and easy to use VU meters for Program & Audition buses.
  • Built Tough - professional throughout, with multi-million operation LED lighted switches and
    electronic audio switching. Built for ANY environment.
  • Socketed IC's - one IC is surface mounted, all of the rest are socketed for ease of service.
  • No More RF - has balanced inputs & outputs for use in high RF environments (ARC-10BP

2 Stereo output buses. Program & Audition with mono mixdowns.(STANDARD WITH ALL MODELS, unless otherwise noted)

  • Active balanced - All outputs & inputs are active balanced (ARC-10BP ONLY).
  • Stereo or Mono - Both stereo & mono outputs for 2 output buses.
  • Listen - Monitor & 8 ohm Headphone output as well as built in Cue speaker talkback system with built-in amplifier.