FM: GV Series 3.5 – 88 kW

Digital, Efficient, Intelligent, Refined

Meet the GV Series, the culmination of years of Nautel digital/analog transmission innovation.

Nautel’s field-proven, high-power FM architecture is mated with the industry’s most advanced RF technologies and Nautel’s award-winning control system to set a new standard for digital performance, efficiency, serviceability and unmatched functionality.

Major New Capabilities:

  • Charts new territory in digital efficiency
  • Reduced cost of ownership for IBOC
  • New HD Spectrum/Efficiency Optimizer
  • Separate controller “back up” user interface
  • New site control functionality via AUI
  • Low mains operation down to 90V (at 1/3 TPO)
  • New dynamic RDS scrolling
  • New oscilloscope instrumentation

Plus, everything you expect from a Nautel:

  • Field-proven, high-power architecture
  • Industry’s highest digital TPO
  • Award-winning control via Nautel’s AUI
  • Commercial grade instrumentation
  • HD PowerBoost PAPR/crest reduction
  • MER instrumentation
  • Asymmetrical sidebands
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Constellation view
  • HD Reliable transport
  • MPX over AES